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C-SON Plan Components

Unison Optimiser

A GIS based Network Visualisation component, allowing RF engineers to perform their daily Optimisation and Customer complaint identification function. Unison Optimiser forms the base software component for all other Unison product lines. It is tightly integrated with Google Maps and supports other mapping platforms such as Open Street Maps. Common use cases covered are:

GIS Visualisation
  • Google Maps integration to visualise all RAN network assets.
  • Colour code sites and cells by different parameters such as :
    • CM Based - LAC, TAC, MME, RNC, BSC, Tilt, PCI, PSC, ERAFCN etc.
    • PM Based - Dropped calls, Throughput, CSS, PLR etc.
    • Neighbour line - Distance, Attempts, failure rate etc.
  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities:
    • Technology - 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G.
    • Technology Layers - L800, L2100, NB-Iot, U900, U2100, GSM900 etc.
  • Smart Legend Change colour settings.
  • Height profile assisting in VIP issue analysis.
  • TA data display showing Signal propagation.
  • Polygon display.
Network Data Visualisation in one platform
  • KPI information.
  • CM Parameters.
  • Ticket information.
  • Site Milestone summary.
  • Drive test information.
  • Neighbour History.
  • CM Parameter history.
  • Cell, Site planning information.
  • Live or Planned Coverage raster display.
RF Optimisation (2G+3G+4G+5G Capable)
  • Missing and Redundant Intra, Inter, IRAT, SRVCC, Same technology, Reselection Neighbours.
  • Interference.
  • Over shooters.
  • Cross Feeders.
  • Pilot Pollution.
  • Poor Coverage.
  • Failure Events analysis such as Drop Calls, Setup Failures.
  • Collisions and Confusion identification.
  • Mod-3 issues.
  • PCI, PSC and Frequency Planning.

Unison CM

A vendor agnostic Single-RAN Configuration Management platform. It supports 2G, 3G, 4G as well as 5G for all major RAN network equipment suppliers.

Main use cases covered are:

  1. Single platform for exporting all Configuration Management data including all Managed Objects for any vendor and technology.
  2. Unique Policy Management module:
    • Allows for Baseline parameter policy application as well as policies for Special event sites.
    • Discrepancy Evaluation of Policy vs Live values including MML/XML scripts to fix and run into OSS.
    • Integration with the ADR (Automatic Discrepancy Resolution) SON function within Unison ensures that all discrepancies can be corrected in a Closed Loop environment.
    • Machine learning and AI techniques are used to automatically learn Policies from the network data, saving time and effort during tool deployment.
  3. Historical data visualisation with delta changes being captured and stored daily.
  4. Hardware inventory management.
  5. License management.
  6. Support for various planned activities including generation of scripts and synchronisation of all Foreign/External cell relationships:
    • 2G and 3G Cutover/Reparenting
    • LAC and TAC changes
    • Neighbour ADD/DELETEs
    • Frequency Planning changes, PCI, PSC changes etc.

Unison PM

A 5G ready Performance Management component that allows for KPI and Counter management.

It covers the following use cases:

  • BIG Data Analytics
    • Uses a BIG data analytics platform - Apache Casandra which is a NOSQL database, loads raw data and then aggregates it.
    • Due to the non-transactional nature of this platform, data can be imported and queried quicker than any commercial RDBMS solution currently available.

  • Custom UI and Reporting
    • The KPI View is used for navigating the KPI's. A KPI tree view is populated depending on the technology selection.
    • Users can save Favourites. Includes a list of KPI's that the user selects daily.
    • Aggregated stats at various intervals are available at a CELL, SITE, RNC/BSC, REGION, SUB-REGION, POLYGON as well as any custom dimension the operator would like pre-configured.
    • Advanced charting components are used which allow the user to change the chart types such as line, bar, pie etc.
    • Web based Report builder IDE provided so that users can build their own reports.
    • Can also integrate with third party BI platform such as Tableau.

  • Worst Cell Management
    • Configure custom criteria for identifying worst cells.
    • Unison automatically maps each cell to its respective owner as well as the area it belongs to.
    • Each new Worst cell identified every week is transitioned through a work flow process.
      • Criteria identifies cell as a NEW offender.
      • Engineer transitions it to OPEN state to indicate he/she is working on it.
      • Once Engineer fixes it, the entry is transitioned to a FIXED state.
      • Workflow engine only closes the entry once the criteria for it no longer being worst cell is met.

Unison Trace

Unison uses cell trace data to identify geo-location information with a high degree of accuracy. This information can then be plotted on the map to display comprehensive signal level, quality and traffic information. Unison then uses this information to provide further analysis such as identifying coverage hot-spots, pilot pollution, overshooting sectors as well as cross feeder issues.

C-SON Plan Components

Unison Inspect

A Centralised Drive test Analytics platform that supports multiple drive test kits, providing drive test information in one centralised location.

All drive test campaigns run and data collected can be imported within Unison Inspect. This ensures that all drive test data is automatically post processed and stored in one central repository.

The following use cases are covered:

  1. Analyse repeated failure events as well as month on month comparison of how network quality and coverage are improving.
  2. Drill down from a high level area into specific logs and replay them to analyse the root cause of the event failure, including Layer 3 message information.
  3. Area wide analysis displays different types of analysis with relevant heatmaps displayed on the GIS such as:
    • Swap sectors/Cross Feeders
    • Overshooting cells
    • Missing neighbours
    • Poor coverage
    • Interference
    • Pilot pollution
    • Poor Throughput
    • Repeated Fault events etc.
  4. Automatic categorisation of Failure events and dashboarding.

Unison Mobile

Android Probes as well as standalone app allowing operators to perform autonomous network testing for different customer centric use cases.

Android Standalone App Details:Image1

  • General Optimisation testing:
    • Voice Calls (VoLTE, CS Fall back)
    • UL/DL Packet Data Transfer (FTP, HTTP)
    • Ping Latency common apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).
    • Streaming testing for YouTube, Netflix etc.
    • Mobility/handover testing
    • Emergency Call testing
    • Repeated long and short call testing.

  • Automatic Site data synchronisation - Unison Mobile automatically connects to the web server to retrieve relevant site location information and displays it on the smartphone in real time.

  • Automatic measurement uploading - Data from the device running Union Mobile is uploaded directly to the Unison Cloud platform eliminating any need to download log files locally.

Unison Droid

Autonomous Android Probes:

  • Self-Contained Autonomous Unit
    • Fully Modular RF-Measurement tamper proof containment module that can house one or four smart phones running Unison mobile to test different scenarios much like a CET kit. Image1
    • USB output ensures that various charging options can be attached such as car charger, mains plug and power bank.
    • Light weight - allowing engineers to carry it on trains, tubes, buses etc.
  • Remote Configuration - Can be configured remotely so that different testing scenarios can be automated.
  • Layer 3 Information available for certain models of phones.
  • Single Unit or Bench Marking Unit with 4 devices.


Insight Analytics

  • Fast intuitive reporting platform that can be used to facilitate new ad hoc report requests.
  • No need to have long and costly development cycles to support reporting use cases.
  • Easy SQL based interface which certain Power users can use to create reports meeting operator's new digital transformation strategy.
  • Engineers should not spend time trying to manually create ad hoc Excel reports which can be automated.
  • Integrated reporting module that allows users to create quick reports.
  • More complicated report requests can be raised via a support portal.
  • A support team member looks at the requirements and creates a new report without a need to involve the development team all inclusive as part of general S&M.
  • Automated emailing and raising of alarms.
  • Dashboards to facilitate different daily tasks.
  • Build your own Dashboard using a WYSIWYG editor within the web UI.
  • Publish reports and dashboards for others to see and share.
  • Reports can include:
    • Google Maps
    • Numerous types of Charts such as line, radar, pie, column, stacked etc.
    • Grids (that can display over a 1 Million+ rows within the browser), Text string etc.


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