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Our flagship product Unison, provides a centralized platform for all RF optimisation activities and utilizes geo spatial algorithmic techniques in conjunction with all major network data sources, to solve complicated operational scenarios.

Our web based solutions, are developed using the latest web technologies such as HTML 5 and JavaScript. We use the latest GIS technology, such as Google maps, to aid in visualization of complex radio problems.

Our software is based on the SAAS (Software as a Service) model when hosted in the cloud. However, we also provide the more traditional perpetual licensing model via the ON-SITE hosted platform as well.

Cloud based solutions facilitate speedy deployments and alleviate IT infrastructure problems reducing the cost of expensive servers. However, for a completely automated solution we recommend using an On-site solution.

In both cases, our approach reduces the unnecessary hassles of hardware scalability and offers clients the option of paying for what is used. With deep insight into the evolving nature of telecoms networks, our solutions are developed to be vendor and technology agnostic.

Due to various data import issues already being solved by network operators, our energy is focused primarily on developing algorithms to automate many daily functions instead. This is where our C-SON and AI platforms take over the network management responsibility.

Unison AI engine integrates with a wide variety of data sources in order to perform tasks at the same degree of competence as a human being. By learning from changes made by engineers in the network the model trains itself to perform REACTIVE network analysis.

C-SON components are already PRO-ACTIVELY managing the network however the AI engine orchestrates additional reactive automation tasks via the Unison Bot component.

Unison supports all major RAN vendors for all technologies - Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei & ZTE. It's highly customisable, modular and cost effective.

Our novel mobile and field analytics solutions help operators with improved testing of their deployment activities and ensure that problems can be fixed quickly without the need to resend engineers to site. Field engineers can also make use of our NOC app which allows them to automatically lock cells while in the field as opposed to having to request back office NOC resources to attend to simple cell/site locking requests, improving general efficiency within the teams as well as introducing much needed automation.

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