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Unison Deploy

C-SON Plan Components

Unison Deploy - Site Planning & Integration

  • Workflow Dashboard allows to keep track of activities.
  • Generation of relevant planning parameters for all cells within the site.
  • Configuration of policies based on network element categories.
  • Generation of vendor-specific commissioning scripts.
  • Zero-touch commissioning through closed loop integration with the OSS.

  • Improved First Time Right through systematic creation of planning and integration scripts.
  • Reduced manual efforts associated with commissioning from 120 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Assure Baseline Policy adherence in newly commissioned sites to maintain Customer Experience.

Unison Deploy - Single-Site Verification

  • Network topology visualisation.
  • Detailed information about serving cell and site names, signal strength, user location.
  • Work order search.
  • Validation of Target Cell vs Serving Cell.
  • Zero-touch testing, with a pre-configured sequence.
  • Wide range of tests available for configuration:
    • MO/MT call test,
    • CSFB test,
    • Data DL/UL speed/latency test,
    • Emergency call test,
    • HTTP/FTP test.
  • Immediate PASS/FAIL result display.
  • Comments submission.

  • Fully automated on-site testing protocol to ensure no build errors and reduce revisit costs.
  • Auto Upload of results to support Site Build Audit and Site Acceptance workflows.
  • Detect and resolve integration issues on the spot through instantaneous feedback.

Unison Deploy - Site Acceptance

  • KPI Acceptance
    • Monitoring and assessment of Network KPI's, such as Availability, Accessibility, Retainability etc.
  • Build Acceptance
    • Build quality checks including: Alarms, Baseline Config, License, RET, Antenna health (VSWR), CPRI, Cross feeders.
  • Closed-Loop resolution
    • RET re-calibration and antenna tilt value alignment to design.
    • Correction of Baseline Config, RF parameters.
  • Incident orchestration
    • Integration with 3rd party ticketing systems.

  • Up to 80% reduction in manual efforts per site.
  • Assure Network Performance and Customer Experience following integration through automatic KPI benchmarking.
  • Reduce MTTR through closed loop OSS integration and Trouble Ticket Management.

Unison Deploy - Site Build Audit

  • Audit activities with states, configured uniquely for each project.
  • Task customisation, with bespoke validation rules.
  • Form Configurator - Input/Output definitions, Attachments, Q&A Wizard.
  • Rules-based automation.
  • Task manager for end users, activity states and mid-activity progress notifications.
  • Picture submission through a dedicated Mobile App.

  • Faster handover to Operational teams.
  • Rapid results, automatically uploaded for QA build teams to reduce site revisits.
  • Governance & Compliance across multiple vendors and deployment partners.

Unison Deploy - Site Workflow Manager

  • Deployment Project and Programme templates.
  • Milestones definitions and rules.
  • Project and Programme Risk Management.
  • Gantt charts, Kanban boards and project forecasting visualisation.
  • User-defined fields, filters and views.
  • Automated Scheduling and Task Management.
  • Resource Management.
  • Smart workflow rules automation.

  • 85% reduction in reporting efforts through process and reporting templates.
  • Process alignment across multiple vendors and deployment partners.
  • Integration into Engineering activities to break down functional siloes and drive efficiencies.

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