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Unison Bot

Unison Bot is a service assurance solution for network impact analysis powered by Unison AI. Through the use of AI, Unison Bot establishes detailed cause and effect relations between CM data, PM data and tickets (i.e. Remedy), identifies root cause and implements actions for impact mitigation. As such, Unison Bot is a solution that automates manual workflow for network optimisation and customer experience management.

A typical scenario that the solution automates is:

  • Customer complaint is logged in the ticketing system.
  • A radio engineer is assigned to investigate.
  • A solution is identified that involves the modification of a parameter.
  • The radio engineer modifies the parameter on the OSS and resolves the ticket.

Unison Bot can work in Open Loop or Closed Loop setup and supports integration with the operator's ticketing system (i.e. Remedy) for automatic creation and resolution of incidents or change requests.

Unison AI

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform is being built in two stages:

  • Network Insights (Beta available):
    • Unison AI is applied on the data available to extract patterns and decipher human problem solving abilities.
    • Challenges with trying to solve the auto optimisation problem by adding complex rules from the beginning requires the knowledge of different scenario.
    • Unison AI answers some pertinant questions:
      • How are Network Parameters being changed?
      • How does each group influence KPIs?
      • When and Why were parameters changed?
      • Which KPIs degraded and which ones improved?
      • How does a KPI relate to another KPI?
      • Which customer complaint resulted in what changes in the network? Etc.

  • Automatic Network Management using AI:
    • Once the above questions have been answered, the next step is for the AI engine to be trained and apply the patterns it has learnt from the network.
    • Networks can be broken down in a cluster allowing the operator to allocate it to AI and eventually let AI take ownership of the entire network over time.

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