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Product Development Services

Our team of highly skilled consultants can translate your requirements into fully functional applications utilising unique project management solutions, inspired by Agile methodologies.

Transform your organization into one that innovates and delivers by allowing us to mentor your leadership teams through difficult and sometimes cumbersome processes.

We are able to work independently is developing scalable solutions to meet your needs. Rather than attempting to conform to set in stone constraints, we adapt processes to work for you by nurturing your current resources and optimizing your output. We offer solutions based on a variety of software development technologies such as C#, JAVA, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc.

Solutions are customized for web apps as well as mobile apps.

  • Web Application development services can be provided using a number of development such as, ASP .Net MVC, JSP/JSF, PHP etc using AGILE methodologies thereby delivering cost effective and robust solutions on time and within budget. Use of Cloud based deployment is encouraged by the use of AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Mobile Application development services can be provided using a number of development environments such as Xamarin, Android Studio, React js, SWIFT etc.

We follow AGILE development methodologies with industry standard tools like Jira, Git etc to perform a variety of software functions ensuing we fit in with existing software organisation structures. Huge emphasis is given to Quality assurance processes with Test driven development being central to the software we develop.

Technologies Used

Quality Assurance

WIM Technologies’ QA policy is to maintain effective and efficient quality assurance processes, Change and Project Management whilst remaining flexible to change. Our Processes are planned and developed in conjunction with all management, staff functions and stakeholders, outlined in a series of policies and procedures, designed to eliminate deficiencies and inaccuracies and to ensure high quality standards.

Customer Use Case

A large software house in the UK, Fourth required a software partner to deliver new functionality urgently. Successful delivery of the functionality was required to be developed in a mobile platform using an unfamiliar javascript platform called Ember.js.

Software functionality was required to work on a tablet as well as a web platform. The choice of Javascript framework prescribed called Ember.js was required. WIM Technologies was able to set up a parallel development team in order to implement the UX. The UX design was documented by the customer and wireframes provided.

The project relied on a high degree of communication between the customer’s development team who focused on writing the relevant REST Endpoints while our team focussed on building the UI.

Our team of experienced software development managers/engineers were able to understand the requirements and deliver a fully functional product to the customer within a six month period.


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