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Development Services

Transform your organization into one that innovates and delivers by allowing us to mentor your leadership teams through difficult and sometimes cumbersome processes. Our team of highly skilled consultants can deliver unique project management solutions inspired by Agile methodologies.

Rather than attempting to conform to set in stone constraints, we adapt processes to work for you by nurturing your current resources and optimizing your output.We offer solutions based on a variety of software development technologies such as JAVA, C#, C++, JavaScript, Flash etc.

Solutions are customized for web apps as well as thick client applications. Solutions are developed in .Net or JSP/JSF or PHP using AGILE or WATERFALL methodologies thereby delivering cost effective and robust solutions on time and within budget.

Telecoms Consultants

Our consultants can provide clients with valuable insight into seemingly new problems within their networks. Using our software solutions, we can provide engineering consulting services such as Neighbor planning, Frequency planning, Scrambling code planning, Cluster optimization, Subscriber analysis etc.

We also provide valuable workshops to your in-house development teams assisting them in understanding the use of technologies in solving real operational problems.

Mobile Development

We assist Mobile operators to embrace the endless opportunities available to them in the mobile space by developing apps that will directly benefit targeted users. Our refreshing and realistic approach to mobile and software development,will see your business package your product features efficiently and reliably to potential and current investors.

We specialize in providing engineering solutions that are unique and useful to the work environment. We can provide software for Android, Windows Phone as well as IOS mobile platforms.

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