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Unison is a web based application that utilises GoogleMaps to visualise complex telecoms network problems.

Centralised Optimisation Platform

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Unison can be used from day one by engineers, to automatically optimise the network using the same algorithms of a full Self Organising Network (SON).

Engineers can configure their own rules so that the closed loop of an assisted SON can cater for fringe cases.

Unison is focused on intelligent algorithms that solve the most common telecoms problems.

Unison Optimisation Platform

Unison Optimisation

Neighbour planning and optimisation

Configure operator specific neighbour policies which can then be used with the MMR trace analysis to predict more accurate neighbours without running retrospective neighbour audits.

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Frequency/Scrambling Code planning

Unique algorithms coupled with a measurement based interference matrix provide a sound mechanism for allocating optimal frequencies/scrambling code.

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Drive Test Analysis

Online Google Map based Drive test analyser. Support for major drive test files such as NEMO, TEMS and Swiss Qual.

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Tilt Analysis

Unison uses intelligent Algorithms to identify Overshooting cells.

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GEO Positioning

Cell trace data is used to identify Geo-location information accurately.

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Unison Mobile

Android and IOS application turns every UE into a potential drive testing tool. Easily installable from the Google/Apple App stores.

Records and Displays important radio condition parameters such as RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, EcN0, RSCP, Relevel, RxQual, Throughput, Neighbour information etc.

Site Verification as well as general Optimisation testing such as Swapped sectors Voice Calls (VoLTE, CS Fall back) UL/DL Packet Data Transfer (FTP, HTTP) Ping Latency etc.

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