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Neighbour Planning

Unison Neighbour Plan allows users to configure operator specific neighbour policies which can then be used in conjunction with the MMR trace analysis to predict more accurate neighbours without the use of running retrospective neighbour audits.

Drive Test Analysis

Unison is subscription based, cost effective and easy to deploy. The uniSON Drive Testing solution is an online Google Map based Drive test analyser. It supports popular drive test file formats such as NEMO, TEMS etc. Drive Test routes are displayed and visualised in Google maps vertically as well as street level using Google streetview. Performs Missing neighbour, Swapped sector, Overshooting cells and pilot pollution analysis. Imports files centrally and displays drive test routes by date and time.

The Unison Drive Test Analyser has an integrated view with Unison Neighbour Plan allowing for drive test information to be overlayed with statistical information as well as MMR data. This provides the user with all the essential optimisation information to make sound decisions.

Frequency Planning

Unison has unique algorithms which when coupled with a measurement based interference matrix will provide a sound mechanism of allocating optimal frequencies and reducing interference in the network.

Scrambling Code Planning

Unison allows the user to create unique profiles which weight attributes such as pilot pollution, height and distance as some of the unique metrics to come up with a fitness function that can provide the best results for cluster optimisation as well as complete scrambling code planning. Using our visualisation engine each time a new site is added by the engineer, the genetic algorithm runs in the background providing the best possible scrambling code for the new set of sectors.

GEO Positioning

Unison uses cell trace data to identify geo-location information with a high degree of accuracy. This information can then be plotted on the map to display comprehensive signal level, quality and traffic information. Unison then uses this information to provide further analysis such as identifying coverage hot-spots, pilot pollution, overshooting sectors as well as cross feeder issues.

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