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WIM Technologies

building solutions that address real world telecoms complexities

Company overview

WIM Technologies is an innovative software company pioneering in highly flexible telecommunication software for RF Optimisation, C-SON and AI solutions.

Based in South Africa, we specialize in delivering innovative Telecoms software solutions to clients globally. Our products are built for the web and can be scaled for Cloud as well as On site implementation.

With offices in different locations world-wide as well as an extensive partner network, we have established ourselves as a key player in the Telecoms software domain. Our team of experienced engineers have a long history of developing software solutions since the 90’s for some of the biggest and oldest Telecoms networks in the world.

Our solutions are being used by Telecom groups like Vodafone,Three as well as large Opcos like BT for a number of years. Some of our customers repeatedly place first in various reputable testing campaigns like P3 network benchmark testing year on year and we are proud to have played a role in them achieving this success with the use of the Unison platform.

We are a dynamic and evolving company who work with operators to solve specific problems facing them. Our teams adopt AGILE Methodologies allowing us the flexibility to customise our solutions to their requirements, giving us the ability to respond to new feature/change requests easily and contribute to their progress. We are

  • Customer focused,
  • Customer driven and
  • Customer centric

Our solutions are driven by real world problems and we pride ourselves in delivering excellence to our customers.

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