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building solutions that address real world telecoms complexities

  • 5G Support

    Unison supports 5G CM, PM, SON and has been successfully used to deploy 5G within Tier 1 UK operators with multiple RAN vendors

  • Centralised Optimisation

    Single Platform Collaboration

    Supports interfaces to all major 3rd party RF applications
  • Optimisation Assistant

    Walk before you leap

    Facilitating your move towards SON

  • synonyms

    simultaneously, at (one and) the same time, (all) at once, at the same moment, (all) together, as one.”



    simultaneous performance "Performance of an action at the same time: crew members rowing in unison; pigeons wheeling in unison. Agreement; concord: Their expectations were in unison.”


    performed in unison.”

  • Unison Mobile

    Network Measurement Mobile application

    Convert any mobile phone into a measurement device
  • Intelligent algorithims

    Improved Data Integrity
    Closed Loop Optimisation
    Geo Spatial Analyis
  • Unparalled Customer Experience

    Enhanced quality of service
    Proven substantial reduction in Dropped call rates
    Improved work efficiency


Artificial Intelligence


  • Operational - Allows for network infrastructure visualisation and ad-hoc network optimisation.
  • SON - Backend algorithms allows for Self Optimisation features to run automatically.
  • AI & ML – Using AI in order to facilitate no-touch RAN as SON 2.0
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