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building solutions that address real-world telecoms complexities

  • Optimisation Assistant

    Walk before you leap

    Facilitating your move towards SON
  • Intelligent Algorithms

    Pro-active Network Management
    Closed Loop Implementation
    Automated Optimisation
  • 5G Support

    Unison supports 5G CM, PM, SON.
    Successfully used to deploy 5G within Tier 1 UK operators with multiple RAN vendors.
  • Centralised Optimisation

    Single Platform Collaboration

    Supports interfaces to all major 3rd party RF applications

  • synonyms

    simultaneously, at (one and) the same time, (all) at once, at the same moment, (all) together, as one.



    simultaneous performance "Performance of an action at the same time: crew members rowing in unison; pigeons wheeling in unison. Agreement; concord: Their expectations were in unison.


    performed in unison

  • Unison Mobile

    Network Measurement Mobile application

    Convert any mobile phone into a measurement device
  • Unparalled Customer Experience

    Enhanced quality of service
    Proven substantial reduction in Dropped call rates
    Improved work efficiency


Reduce RAN Share Complexity Automation Powered By AI Improved Resource Utilisation Reduced 5G Deployment Cost Pro-active CEM Learn more about our offerings


Supports interfaces to all major RAN vendors

Planning and Optimisation Site Acceptance C-SON Insight Analytics Field Test Analytics Unison BOT
  • Operational - Allows for network infrastructure visualisation and ad-hoc network optimisation.
  • SON - Self Organising features.
  • AI & ML Using AI in order to facilitate zero touch RAN as SON 2.0
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